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Erasmus apartments for rent in Padua

Solutions for university students, Erasmus students, researchers, workers

Do you want to find an apartment for rent for Erasmus students in Padua?

Apartments for university students, Erasmus students, postgraduates, researchers and workers located in prestigious housing contexts, very convenient to the main faculties of the University of Padua, to the historic center, to the station, served by all types of urban transport.

In buildings occupied by families, offices, students and workers, we offer for rent, also at an agreed fee, panoramic apartments for university and Erasmus students, completely renovated and furnished, of various sizes.

Ideal solutions for university students, Erasmus students, researchers, workers of the University of Padua.

Some apartments, thanks to their proximity to the train station, represent an excellent opportunity to reach the  Università di Venezia  and Università di Vicenza  and Università di Rovigo in 30 minutes.

Student rental Padua

Padua Apartments for Erasmus students

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